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The Crescent Day Care has been in operation in the Missouri area since 1995. It was established mainly to serve the growing Muslim community in Missouri and Kansas. The Crescent Day Care is owned by the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City.

With many day care centers available in the Missouri and Kansas areas, we are the only Islamic day care center that focuses on creating a safe and proper Islamic community for your child. Our staff members strive to create an Islamic environment to introduce the Islamic manners to the children through various activities, behavior management techniques, and educational programs. It is the duty of every staff member to provide the right amount of attention and effort needed to ensure that every child at the daycare participates in the daily activities planned out by the daycare.

At the Crescent Day Care center, we believe that incorporating Islamic and Arabic lessons in the children's daily routine helps develop the children's awareness of their religion, establishes their faith, and sets the ground for the development of true Muslims. Of course, all kids of any religion are welcomed here!

The Crescent Day Care offers your child everything he/she needs depending on their age. Newborns and infants need to feel safe, to be nurtured, and to be cared for. That is why holding babies at this age is a big part of what we do every day. We have a special room dedicated to infants filled with places where they can roll, sit, crawl, pull up, and walk. Our staff members are always there to provide warm praise and encouragement as the children try new things.

Toddlers are always busy trying to find out new things about themselves and those around them. Since toddlers tend to climb, investigate, and take things apart, our staff members are always on the watch trying to provide both an encouraging and safe environment for the children as they develop self-confidence.

Discoverers are more interested in getting involved in activities. They enjoy listening, singing, playing games, and making art projects. At the Crescent Day Care, we follow a curriculum that is nationally based with recognized guidelines to assist discoverers in learning about sharing, getting along with others, participating in activities for longer periods, gaining new vocabulary, and learning new concepts. We make sure the kids have reading time once a day and bring in a librarian to read to them once a month. 

Finally, preschoolers are the children who need to prepare for the long-term success in the classroom. That is why we try to model many cultural differences and strong religious traditions to enable the children to appreciate others.

Our day care makes sure your child's day is full of activities, learning, development, self-expression, and entertainment. Quran and Arabic lessons are offered daily to ensure your child learns the basics of the Arabic language and Islam. Our new activity areas and learning centers help children develop their various skills.

In addition, to ensure that children maintain their health and energy throughout the day, the day care center offers two nutritious meals, (breakfast and lunch) and a snack. We also make sure that your child gets a nap once a day and depending on the weather, they can play outside in the playground.

Our certified staff and carers are always there for the children, taking classes each year to update their knowledge and skills. A parent conference is held twice a year for those who want to suggest improvements, but feel free to stop by and talk to us anytime!

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